Best New Game Trailers (Week of 9/27/21)

Best New Game Trailers (Week of 9/27/21)

The best game trailers for the week of 9/13/21!

00:00 – Castlevania Advance Collection – Official Announcement Trailer
02:11 – Nintendo Switch Online – Expansion Pack Trailer | Nintendo Direct
05:15 – The Long Dark – Official Episode Four: Fury, Then Silence Teaser Trailer
06:25 – Shadowrun Trilogy Collection Trailer | Nintendo Direct
06:53 – Mario Party Superstars – Board Overview Trailer | Nintendo Direct
08:13 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Switch Edition Trailer | Nintendo Direct
08:42 – Bayonetta 3 – Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Direct
12:34 – Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack – Official Announcement Trailer
13:08 – Chocobo GP – Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Direct
14:09 – World War 3 – Veteran Alpha Test Trailer
14:39 – Falling Frontier – Official Gameplay Trailer
17:39 – Mario Golf: Super Rush – New Characters and Courses Update Trailer | Nintendo Direct
18:26 – Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition – Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct
18:46 – Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition – Official Nintendo Switch Trailer
19:50 – Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles – Official Adventure And VS Mode Trailer
22:26 – Klang 2 – Official PC Release Date Announcement Trailer
23:25 – Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Official Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct
25:48 – The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem – Official Launch Trailer
27:20 – Lost Judgment – Official Launch Trailer
28:18 – Dying Light 2: Cloud Version – Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Direct
30:19 – Potion Craft – Official Early Access Release Trailer
31:16 – DwarfHeim – Official Trailer
32:19 – Deltarune Chapter 2 Nintendo Switch Trailer | Nintendo Direct
33:07 – Melty Blood: Type Lumina – Official Noel VS Roa Gameplay Trailer #2
36:33 – Jurassic World Evolution 2 – Official Gameplay Overview 2
41:45 – Boundary – Official Fire Fall Trailer
42:51 – Actraiser: Rennaisance – Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct
44:06 – Project Triangle Strategy – Release Date Trailer | Nintendo Direct
45:17 – Overwatch 2 – Official Bastion New Look Trailer
46:13 – Overwatch 2 – Official Sombra Rework Trailer
47:49 – Disciples: Liberation – Official Companions Trailer

IGN’s new weekly game trailer round-up is here to get you caught up on the best video game trailers for the upcoming video games of 2021. From PS5 game trailers, Xbox Series X game trailers, Nintendo Switch game trailers, PC game trailers, and new indie game trailers, we’ve got you covered.

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Discover more about the Grandmother Turismo 5 Beginning, a video game which has players on the edge of their seats all over the world. Get extra details about current releases as well as the things you can get out of this video game.

A Popular Game – Final Fantasy on Xbox360

The extremely initial installation of the Final Dream computer game series actually premiered in Japan on December 18, 1987, and also then Last Dream games have ultimately been localized for markets in such places as The United States and Canada, Europe, and Australia, as well as future installations have been revealed to show up on systems such as the Wii, Xbox 360, as well as PlayStation 3 video game systems … Why so popular?

Become Part of a Classic – The Godfather on Xbox360

If you are a fan of the original Godfather flick, then no question you are intrigued by the idea of making it right into a computer game. When Electronic Arts first revealed that they were going to make The Godfather on Xbox 360 video game (it is likewise offered for PC and also Playstation 2), lots of fans asked yourself if the video game could ever meet the motion picture … Keep reading to discover!

Miss Teri Tale Game Review

The Miss Teri Tale game originating from informal video game designer, Ouat Home entertainment, is a hidden-object puzzle game that pits you in an examination concerning the mysterious disappearance of a pure-blooded Chinese Crested Pet named Jason. Currently, while you may think that searching for shed pets will not actually make an excellent video game tale, well, I think we’ll just see as we take a good peek at this informal video game.

The Count of Monte Cristo Game Review

The Count of Monte Cristo video game is a laid-back game rendition of one of Alexander Dumas’ most well-known works birthing the very same name. In this video game, you play Edmond Dantes, as you look for ideas as well as hints in various places to discover the person accountable in your dishonesty as well as imprisonment. Well, the game provides not really an exact reproduction of the book’s story yet just some excerpts occasionally so I guess that tiny outline of the game’s plot will have to do.

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