BitCraft – Official Announcement Trailer

BitCraft - Official Announcement Trailer

Don’t let the name fool you. Bitcraft isn’t a voxel-based game. But it does have its own gorgeous, unique art style as you set about building, hunting, crafting, and surviving in what its developers describe as “a new kind of MMORPG.”

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Call of Duty 2 Game Review

You play as a Russian, American, as well as British soldier with the deadly fights of WW2. There are numerous levels, like D-Day. You have a variety of weapons like the effective MG42, the notorious MP44, and the Thompson. You’ll storm up a hill, down a hill, clear out shelters, as well as lots of various other things that happened in WW2.

Farmville – A Beginner’s Review of the New Facebook Sensation Farmville

Farmville is a video game that can be played on Facebook. It is motivated by another video game named ‘Farmtown,’ nonetheless, they do differ in some methods. Farmville was created by a business named Zynga. Zynga is the developer behind another preferred game, Mafia Wars. The factor of the game is that you think the role of a virtual farmer.

Braid – The Complete Game Review

Braid is a video game created for Xbox 360 as well as later established for the COMPUTER and PlayStation 3. It is a mind boggling game that has people intending to attempt it for the sheer excitement of it. The buzz around it outweighes the secret for the game as individuals want to play it just to discover out what everyone else is talking about.

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