Blue Reflection: Second Light – Official Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for a look at the characters, combat, and more in Blue Reflection: Second Light, the sequel to the JRPG Blue Reflection.

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows the adventures of three students – Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo, and Yuki Kinjou – who find themselves transported to a mysterious floating academy, searching for clues to find their way back home, with only their names as memories. One day, a path leading to a new land appears. Since the new land surrounds the world the heroines inhabit, they refer to it as “the heart of the world” and name the unexplained new area Heartscape.

Blue Reflection: Second Light is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (playable on PlayStation 5 via Backward Compatibility), and Windows PC via Steam.

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