Crisis Wing – Official Launch Trailer

Crisis Wing - Official Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for the arcade shoot’em game, Crisis Wing, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Crisis Wing features 7 vertical scrolling stages, upgradeable weapons, and cooperative multiplayer.

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PSP Review

Today we’re looking at the hand held version of the new Harry Potter video game. This time around people at Hogwarts are outlining against Dumbledore (the old headmaster) to obtain darkness right into the school boundaries. Certainly this isn’t as very easy as it appears and also rapidly Harry starts to suspect numerous people after a collection of uncommon events. It is safe to say that the flick is a terrific success yet can the video clip game comply with in its steps?

Doom – Let the Game Begin

Ruin is a preferred computer system game which adapts the design of games which are made from the viewpoint of the very first individual shooter. It integrates 3D graphics as well as networked multi-player video gaming to give an extremely interesting game.

GHOST Chronicles – Phantom of the Renaissance Faire Review

If you are seeking enjoyable, crave for exhilaration, love solving challenges and also finding concealed items then G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire is just the video game for you. In this rather enjoyable game you have actually obtained ta check out the strange and also the peculiar happenings at a regional motif park. In your mission, you have to locate a lot of covert things and also fix rather a great deal of riddles along the training course of the game.

Active Health With Carol Vorderman (DS) – Hire Your Personal Fitness Coach

Energetic Health with Carol Vorderman is a Fitness and health software for computer game consoles. It comes loaded with a smooth as well as shiny, particularly made pedometer, called an Activity Meter, which checks our activities done throughout the day.

007 Quantum Og Solace Review

Quantum of Solace is the very first Bond video game to be released on the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3 as well as I was wishing for rather a lot as I enjoyed the classic Bond video games that were for the old PS2. It has been designed by Activision and also includes an extremely comparable control system and also the exact same graphics engine that was made use of in the very successful Call of Duty 4 but additionally has some excellent new functions that make the video game play extremely pleasurable.

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