Eastward – Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Eastward - Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Watch the launch trailer for Eastward for another look at its world and more.

Welcome to the charming world of Eastward – population declining! Journey through a society on the brink of collapse. Discover delightful towns, strange creatures, and even stranger people. Wield a trusty frying pan and mystic powers on an adventure into the unknown.

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Video Games For Kids – Choosing Which Console to Buy

When you think of video games for youngsters, you could be asking yourself which gaming console to go with. There are 3 fundamental designs on the market (not consisting of handhelds like the Nintendo DS or PSP). There is the Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation 3, and also the Xbox 360.

F1 2009 iPhone & iPod Touch Review

Apple offers the iPod Touch not just as a songs player, but a pc gaming device additionally. Developers are seeing the hardware and also the advancement for the system is slowly materializing. Big video games like assassins creed and also Ace Fight have actually already made the jump to the iMachine.

Best First Person Shooting Games

What are First Person Shooting games? First Individual Shooting video games or FPS as they are generally called, are a style of video games that streamline their game mess around the tool that a gamer holds. In other words, these games provide you an initial individual view of the video game play and you will see as well as experience things from the eye of your character in the video game.

Champions Online Interview

The large, new huge online game Champions Online was lately released. I have not only had the ability to examine this wonderful game, yet additionally interview the expert and Executive Manufacturer Bill Roper. The video game has received two updates very soon, and also some of the changes have been extremely huge as well as comprehensive.

Frogger – The Most Addicting Game Ever

Frogger is thought about among the most preferred and also influential games of the Golden Age of Game video games. In addition to Pacman, Qbert, and Asteroids, the video game might be located in almost any type of gallery across the country. Today it is considered a traditional and also has spawned greater than a loads follows up.

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