Island of Winds – Official Announcement Trailer

Watch the enchanting trailer for the upcoming adventure puzzle game, Island of Winds, set in an ethereal open world filled with creatures from the myths and legends of Icelandic folklore.

Island of Winds takes you to 17th century Iceland, plunging them into a magical world teeming with trolls, giant spiders, and mythical creatures. Experience all of this through the eyes of the magic-wielding Brynhild, a member of the Balance Keepers who draws her magical power from the natural world.

Brynhild’s journey has her on a quest to find her mentor, Hrymja, that will take her through nine incredible landscapes that draw on Iceland’s stunning natural beauty. These locations range from the fiery Lava of Skjól to the treacherous Jökla lagoon and gleaming Obsidian Shore. Brynhild will face legendary creatures on her journey, such as the powerful and majestic Bear King, Hafgúfa – Guardian of the Sea and the majestic elven lady Vör of the Oasis.

Island of Winds launches in 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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