Jack Axe – Official Indie Houses Gameplay Trailer

Jack Axe - Official Indie Houses Gameplay Trailer

Join the Jack sisters in a single or multiplayer, 2D open world adventure. Together, the group can overcome platforming challenges, toss axes, and explore a Filipino-Norse mytholgy-inspired world where a young woman breaks a taboo, arming herself against the wishes of an irate god.


Dark Dimensions – City of Fog Review

Very few games get to include with it a whole new concept regarding the earth’s weirdest sensations, even if the phenomenon and also the theory is just make think. Dark Dimensions – City of Fog is one such video game as it takes on a new concept called “dark measurements”. And honestly, I’m picking up sequels airborne for this adventure casual game.

Pokie Ninja Game Review

Pokie Ninja is an enjoyable internet browser game based upon the hit anime collection, Naruto. It’s a battling game and also upon enrollment, you get to choose which of the 18 ninjas from the anime you wish to be. Out of the 18 you can be, all of them will be identifiable for followers of Naruto. There’s Gaara, Shikumaru, as well as also the chubby Choji. Unfortunately, the main personalities such as Naruto himself and also Sakura are not playable.

Land Grabbers – Fast Paced Risk?

When I first saw the trailer of this video game, I assumed, great, another PROTECTION design game. I such as those, particularly if they are done up great.

Tearstone – Not Your Typical Hidden Object Game

In Tearstone, you play a personality that receives a letter from his buddy the teacher about some fantastic exploration that boggles the mind. You go out on your adventure to find all is not what it appears as well as find an unusual world just like our, and after that again not. Tearstone is the development of a new arrival, Dragoneye Studio as well as from the looks of it, they are mosting likely to do just fine.

Significance of Video Game Trailer

Have you seen the brand-new video game trailer for the upcoming Phone call of Duty: Modern War 3? Just how about the new trailer of the upcoming Battleground Bad Company 3?

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