Kana Quest – Official Demo Announcement Trailer

Kana Quest - Official Demo Announcement Trailer

Kana Quest is a puzzle game that teaches you how to read Japanese Hiragana by moving individual Hiragana around to form common sounds.

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Review of Flash Game: Zombie Dolls

A EuroGR testimonial of complimentary flash game “Zombie Dolls”. A shooting game from Tinybrute developers.

Review of Free Flash Game: Doodle God 2

Establish a system early for finding brand-new elements. It is tiresome, yet in the long run, when there are essentially hundreds of various feasible mixes, it will certainly save you a whole lot of time. One opportunity is each time a new aspect is uncovered, go back as well as mechanically attempt to incorporate it with all previously found elements.

Duke Nukem Forever

After spending over a years in growth, Duke Nukem Forever has actually lastly been released to a public excited to see the return of among video gaming’s greatest heroes. Hardcore Duke Nukem followers will likely enjoy the video game’s crude sense of wit, as their hero tosses back beers, sees the strip club, and also supplies adequate one-liners to make Bruce Campbell proud.

Mafia II

In Mafia II, you play as lead character Vito Scaletta, an Italian immigrant whose parents brought him to the United States in the hopes of constructing a much better life. The opening motion picture follows him as a kid leaving the old nation, to causing trouble as a teen, prior to growing you back in Italy, this time around as an American G.I. battling Mussolini’s soldiers in the roads.

Dead Rising 2

Like many guys in today’s culture, I’ve spent hours planning the excellent zombie retreat strategy. If this seems like something you have actually done before, then get the computer you read this on, toss it out the window as well as go buy Dead Climbing 2.

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