Kraken Academy – Official Launch Trailer

Kraken Academy - Official Launch Trailer

Kraken Academy is no ordinary high school. Ghosts fill the art department, cultists meet below the monkey bars and now crocodiles are eating children. Join forces with a magical Kraken to uncover a malicious plot to destroy the school.


Ridge Racer 3D Game Review

Often I question if Namco, in its very own odd means, does not adhere to Herbert Hoover’s old political motto of “a poultry in every pot and also a vehicle in every backyard.” After all, doesn’t it feel like a considered that at this moment, with only a couple of exceptions, brand-new equipment isn’t brand-new equipment unless there’s a Ridge Racer to play on it? Which brings us to Ridge Racer 3D.

The Latest Kinect Games 2011

The Newest Kinect Games 2011 Examine out several of the latest Kinect video games to appear in 2011. Michael Jackson -The Experience has simply been released and also this has climbed to among the most preferred Kinect video games this year. This video game is very various to the preferred Dance Central as The Experience as the tracks are excellent and also so a lot longer and also the dances are quicker.

Introduction To Angry Birds

A great deal of you have actually found out about a game called Angry Birds. This article is an explanation of the game, the concept as well as the sensation behind it. Rovio Mobile is this application company in Finland. After a discussion about Bird Flu as well as Swine Flu, the company developed this story regarding pigs stealing eggs from birds and exactly how it triggers turmoil between the two.

Halo Reach Video Game Review

My evaluation on the most up to date game on Xbox 360 from Bungie. Halo Reach is the last video game of the Halo series.

Top Spin 4

When gamers consider tennis, visions of the old 8-bit characters occur, yet luckily with today’s modern technology, those days are a point of the past – which brings us the current launch in the style, Leading Spin 4. While the regular Event matches can be had fun with any of the included 20 real-life tennis celebrities, the actual magic remains in the Career section. To no shock, players will certainly need to produce a character and also furnish them as they want.

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