Lords and Villeins – Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Lords and Villeins - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Lords and Villeins, the medieval city-building dynasty simulator, is available now in PC Early Access. Check out the trailer for another look at the game where you grow dynasties of medieval families and see them evolve and interact as you build their homes.

In Lords and Villeins, develop a budding medieval settlement, complete with a growing populace of villagers to work the land. Influence the daily lives of individual serfs as they form families, creating long lineages specialized in professions such as butchers, tailors, blacksmiths, bakers, and more. Each family has a highly developed AI simulating entire lives in each household, creating thriving townships full of life, and guided by the Lords and Ladies of the governing family.

Create harmony between royalty and vassals. Find a middle ground when negotiating with groups of liegemen. Care for them by meeting their needs, collecting taxes, and training an army to keep the realms safe. When villeins are supported, Lords and Ladies can direct their subjects to tame, feed, and care for four types of domesticated animals.

The game, inspired by medieval history, features different fealty types, taxing hierarchy, distinct seasons with seasonal-themed soundtracks, and the same wildlife and animal threats feudal Lords and Ladies encountered during medieval times.

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