Lost Castle – Official Final DLC Announcement Trailer

Lost Castle - Official Final DLC Announcement Trailer

Get a look at the final update for action beat-em-up RPG Lost Castle, out now five years after launch, including new bosses, armor, weapons, and skills.


9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

You get up on a ship and have no recollection of exactly how you arrived. That’s not what’s troubling you one of the most, though, due to the fact that the ship is sinking as well as your area is filling up with water. Luckily, the door that leads to your redemption is locked.

God Hand

God Hand is a game that does not care what you consider it. It is the kind of video game you may see strolling later on in clown makeup and also a feathered boa, disregarding the stares of passersby.

Rune Factory

I grabbed a copy of Rune Manufacturing facility for the DS due to the fact that it’s a “dream Harvest Moon” video game. This fascinated me since the Harvest Moon games can be fun as well as addicting. I don’t know what weirdo believed people would take pleasure in a video clip game where you care for a ranch as well as discover an ideal dame, yet I am happy for that weirdo due to the fact that they are so much enjoyable to play.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Sadly, in today’s enjoyment world, several computer game programmers will certainly cut edges to conserve a buck and overprice points like downloadable content to optimize their business’s earnings. As not likely as it appears, Rockstar’s current downloadable web content for Red Dead Redemption, labelled Undead Headache, has actually restored my confidence in humanity.

Bike Racing Games – An Overview Of The Top 3 Online Bike Games

You may locate countless on-line bike racing video games offered today, as well as they are the most effective alternative for a whole lot of us who support serious interest towards bikes. These video games can offer reality adventure for those that can’t manage to join reality auto racing. Thanks to computer games, they can give a better understanding on how our favored cyclists manage their bikes.

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