Nier Reincarnation – Developer Update

Nier Reincarnation - Developer Update

Find out what’s on the horizon for Nier Reincarnation. In this developer update, Nier Reincarnation’s localization director Quanah Sugiyama takes us through the game’s upcoming events and campaigns. This includes the Nier Replicant crossover from September – October 2021, and new characters such as The World-Ender, Kainé, and Emil.

Nier Reincarnation is available to play on Android via the Google Play Store and iOS via the AppStore.

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Tuco’s smile was a mixture of aggravation and enjoyment. He was unaccustomed sufficient to warm bathrooms to resent the intrusion of any kind of member of the male sex into his exclusive paradise, but it struck his sadistic feeling of humour to think about the trespasser’s expression when he looked behind the screen as well as found the tub vacant. Tuco tensed his finger delicately back on the trigger as the one-armed prospective assassin peered around the screen to discover his target lacking from the tub and a lead “No Trespassing” sign went to his chest.

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