Rainbow Six Extraction – Official Pulse Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction that puts a spotlight on the operator, Pulse. Perform a sweep with Pulse’s HB-7 Cardiac Sensor to locate parasite nests and hot zones, even through walls.

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Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning Review

Mythic Home entertainment has begun the battle with the implementation of Warhammer Age of Projection, a MMORPG which occupies the fight with the huge Globe of Warcraft, and we prepare with a report from the front. “Battle is all over,” Mythic is promising and we check out whether it holds true (and also not least whether it is amusing).

Personal Trainer Walking – Video Game Review

Personal Trainer Walking Video game will certainly make physical fitness enjoyable for all individuals of any ages. Is it a video game? Is it a workout gadget? It’s both!

Age of Conan – A Review

The Barbarians have taken the over the computer. Big arms, chopped heads, bare breasts as well as macho-men are vital ingredients in Funcoms brand-new MMORPG Age of Conan. It does seem right away appealing, yet it is really designed for the adult target market which Funcom cases or is it just a brilliant advertising tactic covering a MMORPG like all the others? We wear our ax and also loin towel as well as draw out right into Hyboria.

Ride – Horse Riding Action Game Review

Flight is an enjoyable as well as pleasurable activity game, the tale line is basic. You require to come to be a specialist horse cyclist and make that blue bow. You begin the game as a total amateur; you have no suggestion how to ride the steed or how to do the easiest routines. Why not order your saddle and prepare to trot for hrs as well as hrs in this fun activity video game!

Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper – Video Game Review

Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Computer Game, who will side will you be? The 2 most famous characters in investigative books are stars of this video game.

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