SnowRunner – Official Year 2 Pass Trailer

SnowRunner - Official Year 2 Pass Trailer

Take a look at what to expect with the Year 2 Pass for the off-road driving game, SnowRunner, which brings new content spread out over 4 seasons including new vehicles, new regions, and new activities, including a peek at Season 5 which brings an autumnal Russia, new TATRA vehicles, and more. Season 5 takes players to a new American region. Season 7 brings off-road sports to the game, and Season 8 brings a new expansion.

Each new planned phase of content will also come with free new content and features for all SnowRunners such as cosmetics, New Game+, an Immersive Mode, as well as Crossplay between all platforms.

Season 5: Build & Dispatch, the first of the four scheduled seasons in the Year 2 Pass, introduces two summer maps in a new region: Rostov Oblast. These hill-type maps with mild slopes host one of the industrial strongholds of southern Russia and will be your playground aboard two new TATRA vehicles. Restore and rebuild a TATRA factory to unlock two powerful 8-wheelers, the TATRA FORCE and TATRA PHOENIX, with their signature adaptable axles. Season 5 also brings new skins and stickers to all players across a variety of vehicles.

Season 5: Build & Dispatch releases September 9, 2021, as part of the Year 2 Pass.

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