Star Trek Online: Reflections – Official Launch Trailer

Star Trek Online: Reflections - Official Launch Trailer

The latest story update for Star Trek Online, Reflections, is available now on PlayStation and Xbox for the free-to-play MMORPG. Reflections is also live on PC.

The update brings Admiral Leeta (voiced by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast member and STO alum Chase Masterson). Once considered an adversary, this Bajoran leader of the Terran Empire has traveled from the far reaches of the Mirror Universe to warn The Federation and its allies of an impending threat. This all takes place in a new featured episode, which kicks off a brand new, multi-part story arc featuring the Terran Emperor, whose identity has yet to be revealed.

Additionally, the update allows players to participate in a new ground TFO, where they invade the mirror version of Earth Space Dock, and other challenges to earn rewards, including the new T6 Mirror Gagarin-class Warship.

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