Suzerain – Official Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

You are president Anton Rayne, elected to lead the nation of Sordland after years of political turmoil and civil war. In this text-based RPG, choose what kind of leader you will be amidst looming war and an economic crisis. Can you save the nation from collapse?

Mystery Trackers – Raincliff Review

A video game by Elephant Games, Enigma Trackers – Raincliff is the 2nd installation of the Enigma Trackers franchise of experience hidden things games. You still play the detective established to fix a secret or a criminal offense or whatever you may call it. Yet what can you do if the perpetrator may be outdoors of the physical realm? Establish to quit you on your tracks as well as might also place you out of order if you’re not cautious enough.

Call of Duty Black Ops – Zombies on Five

Black Ops Zombies has been commonly accepted as a great thrilling game. Call of Task: Black Ops or COD BLOPS is very fascinating. The story has to do with an US hidden agent Alex Mason that shows various recalls. Mason starts with accumulating memoirs from his participation in the ordeal of Bay of Pigs. As the story comes before to the Russian labor camps, their secret bases, Vietnam Battle are sequenced. Number of other character declines in between but the aim of Mason stays in assassinating a Russian General and removing his affiliates.

LA Noire: Early Impressions

L.A. Noire makes the player seem like a genuine detective in 1940’s Los Angeles. At least that’s what I felt after a couple of hours in. L.A. Noir is a police procedural embeded in the backdrop of 1940’s Los Angeles.

Fallout New Vegas – Review

Wrong City gets a whole brand-new look after nuclear results. Follow what happens in Vegas after the war.

5 Awesome Features of the Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

The Logitech Motive power GT guiding wheel is the main Grand Turismo 5 auto racing wheel. It is packed with attributes and makes your PlayStation and PC competing games revived! Here are 5 Incredible Attributes that make this pc gaming steering wheel excellent!

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