Terra Invicta – Official Factions Trailer

Terra Invicta - Official Factions Trailer

Terra Invicta is an alien invasion strategy game in which an extraterrestrial probe has been detected approaching Earth. With the aliens’ motives uncertain, factions have emerged on Earth, driven by greed, hope, and fear. Here’s a look at Terra Invicta’s seven playable ideological factions, including their leaders and motivations. From The Resistance to The Academy, these groups have risen in hopes of leading humanity.

Developed by Pavonis Interactive, Terra Invicta will release in 2021. It’s currently available to wishlist on Steam.

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Prototype is called a Sandbox Video game, which implies you can discover the city without having to be on a timed timetable. There are specific ‘tests’ (usually symbolized by Monikers positioned around the video game map) that you can do to get medals and extra EP points. Typically you need to obtain a specific number of eliminates in a specified time, these are called “Occasions” in Prototype, which is amusing, due to the fact that I do not believe there is much “Event” occurring to these little sidebar moments.

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