The Big Con – Official Launch Trailer

The Big Con - Official Launch Trailer

What would you do to save your family’s video store? Watch the launch trailer for the comedy, crime adventure game inspired by classic ’90s culture, The Big Con, for a look at some options, and join Ali as she navigates various ways to make money.

In The Big Con, follow Ali, a teenage con artist trying to save her mom’s video store from unscrupulous loan sharks any way she can. In this colorful adventure with punchy puzzles and dialogue, how you make that money is up to you: travel across the country picking pockets and locks, persuading marks, sneaking around in disguises, and even profiting off the latest plushie fad.

The Big Con is available now for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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Seeker: The Devil’s Forge misses out on what can have been some monumental boss battles or action established pieces. It ends with a fun yet straightforward finale. Throughout the video game you keep seeing a large Ogre (actually as high as a city) and also throngs of Dragons, yet little results these occasions beyond some empirical dialogue. And that’s an ideal summation of every little thing right and also incorrect with Pursued: The Dragon’s Forge: Awesome suggestions are all over as well as there’s lots to obtain excited by in the video game, but it loses and also falls short to supply on its capacity.

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