The Blackout Club – Early Access Trailer

The Blackout Club - Early Access Trailer

The cooperative paranormal horror mystery game, which follows teens investigating strange occurrences in their town with no cellular or internet access, is available now on Steam Early Access for PC.

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An Indie Platformer Review – Rochard

Rochard is a side scrolling platformer established by Recoil Games, it is readily available for the COMPUTER as well as the PS3. It is component of the Humble Indie Bundle 6, in addition to the other video games in the package, the game can be purchased for whatever rate the individual determines, in various other words, you pick just how much you intend to spend for the bundle. John Rochard, an obese astro-miner makes a fascinating exploration on a planet after years of locating nothing.

Catapult King Review

Have you ever before questioned what Angry Birds would certainly resemble in 3 measurements? If you have then Launch King is the game you have actually been awaiting.

Harvest Lands – Don’t Eat the Nummies!

My impression of Harvest Lands was “oh look, an additional ____ ville video game.” I rapidly discovered that I was mistaken.

Fallout 3: Game Review

When Results 3 struck the marketplace back in 2008 the function was rather divided. On the one hand you had players that had actually never played the earlier Results games who enjoyed it, and on the other side you had the followers of the original video games who felt it was an action away from what had actually made the Results series fantastic. Obviously, this is a very harsh simplification, but it nicely sums up the general mindset towards the game.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Review

Your residence globe has actually just been destroyed as well as you have actually been sent out to far-off world to colonize and also rebuild, regroup as well as retaliate, nevertheless, your own is not the only swarm as well as it’s every Starling on their own. Galaxy Life is an enormously multiplayer online base builder/strategy game, in which you are in charge of shielding your starlings from attack and crushing any kind of competition.

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