Valfaris: Mecha Therion – Official Announce Trailer

The side-scrolling shoot ’em up sequel, Valfaris: Mecha Therion, is headed to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in late 2022. Check out the action-packed announcement trailer for a look at enemies, gameplay, and more.

After escaping Valfaris, Therion’s hunt for the evil Lord Vroll has taken him across the galaxy. As the final, inevitable showdown looms, Therion harnesses the awesome combat ability of his secret weapon – Mecha Therion

Brink – Review

Review article for the videogame Verge. Verge is mostly a co-op multiplayer video game that pits two competing factions with 2 totally different schedules against each an additional.

Soccer Bashi – Review

Football Bashi is a traditional style activity challenge game. When I was a kid I utilized to play Arkanoid in the arcades. If you never ever played or listened to of Arkanoid it’s a block breaker design video game where you have to damage bricks to make it to an extra difficult “next” level. Football Bashi’s gameplay is rather similar in total structure yet has its very own discussion and atmosphere related to it.

Alan Wake: The Writer – Review

Evaluation for the downloadable DLC episode for Alan Wake: The Writer. Alan Wake is an emotional experience game for the Xbox 360.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Boxer Online is a battling video game made in South Korea. It is played as a 2D side-scrolling video game similar to the old action video games released back in the 1990s. That is to state, you can just walk from left to right while you go around defeating people up along the road. If anybody has played the sort of Double Dragon and also Capcom’s Last Battle collection, you can expect the exact same kind of simplistic style of gameplay below in Dungeon Boxer Online.

Amea Game Review

Amea is a free-to-play action adventure game. It plays similar to the old Ghosts’ n Spirit video game as it’s completely rendered in 2D and also you can only move from left to ideal or the other way around. The truth that Amea is a free-to-play video game online does not necessarily imply it’s a video game without any kind of top quality production values. I was stunned to see that Amea looks as well as plays similar to many platform video games readily available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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