Volcanoids – Official Steam Workshop Update Launch Trailer

Steam Workshop support is now available for the Early Access steampunk survival shooter, Volcanoids. With Steam Workshop modders can reshape Volcanoids to their will and change up drillships, guns, armor, buildings, modules, characters, decals, and more. Check out the trailer for a look at what to expect.

Volcanoids sets players on an expedition to a forsaken island racked by mysterious volcanic eruptions triggered by mechanical beings. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, players must commandeer and upgrade a drillship to dive below eruptions that make the surface uninhabitable for periods of time. By exploring the island, players can discover new blueprints for ship upgrades and equipment, resources to refine and build, and rare technologies that will turn the battle against the mechanical monstrosities. Discover the mystery behind the eruptions and reclaim the island as your home on your own, or tackle the challenge with two to four friends in multiplayer.

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